InTsikt 2023

InTsikt is an annual international symposium, with a long tradition, where industry, academia and government institutions exchange knowledge and experiences in the area of information and communication technologies. The symposium is traditionally organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Tuzla, Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Ljubljana and BIT Center Tuzla.

Continuous developments of information and communication technologies bring momentum to all aspects of the economy, education and everyday life. Process of digitization rapidly changes society. Digital technologies, such as IoT, big data and AI make huge impact in the various domains of our everyday life: healthcare, education, energy, government, agriculture etc. InTsikt 2023 puts focus on all aspects of digitization and it’s impact on the society.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering at University of Tuzla successfully implements Erasmus + project VIRAL that targets digitization in agriculture. Nowadays, this topic becomes crucial and InTsikt 2023 gives a lot of attention to it.


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