INTSIKT 2018 is an annual international symposium where industry, academia and government institutions exchange the knowledge and experience within the ICT domain. The symposium is organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Tuzla, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana and BIT Center Tuzla.

The rapid development of information and communication technologies is the great potential for all aspects of the economy, education and everyday life. Topics of the symposium are chosen to follow the latest trends in the ICT domain and to contribute to the development of European countries.

“Digital Divide” refers to the gaps in access of individuals, groups or entire countries to information and communication technology (ICT). ICT is seen as inevitable basis for economy, innovation and overall progress of society. While ICT brings so many benefits, it becomes useless when without the competence to exploit them. InTsikt 2018 will give an opportunity to all stakeholders to discuss policies, methodologies and tools important for bridging digital divide in spheres of industry, economy, energy, education and society in general.



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